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Dungeon Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama
Dungeon Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama
Deep within the bowels of the Pop-Up Multiverse exists the Dungeon Pop-Up. Forged in fear, and kept a secret, for the first time Extreme-Sets brings an exciting new visual aide to your toy photography. Each of the four highly detailed wall panels tells a story of torture. Take your action figure down deep into darkness as they walk down the 3D staircase. Once you reach the bottom stair, you have a giant flooring base to lay out your toy scene with two columns that you can set wherever you want. And if that wasn't enough creepiness, the dungeon features a jail cell, with an interior that can store the most monstrous creatures. With a measurement of 15 inches tall, your toy photo has a vessel for doom and gloom.The Dungeon Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama includes: 4x 20-inch wide x 14-inch tall panels (Connect them as you wish) 2x 2-inch wide x 14-inch tall 3D columns 1x 38-inch wide x 28-inch tall ground panels 1x 22-inch deep x 4-inch wide x 14-inch tall 3D staircase


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