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Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Megatron
Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Megatron
Easy Transformers conversion for kids 6 years old and up! Convert Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Megatron toy from tank to robot mode in 8 steps.  Megatron was a legend back on Cybertron. People used to put his posters on the wall. And not just the most wanted kind. Megatron was the most powerful warrior who ever fought in the gladiator pits of Cybertron. No one could stop him. He kept on winning -- won every fight, won over the sparks of the people, won bots to his cause, and won a revolution to overthrow an unjust government. But he hasn't stopped fighting since, and that's where he goes from superstar gladiator of the people to most wanted villain in the universe. Megatron won't stop until he's conquered everything. If he gets his hands on the Allspark, he'll use it to create an army of pure Decepticons all under his command, and win the one fight he hasn't been able to win yet: the one where he defeats Optimus Prime. Plastic robot stands about 5 1/2-inches tall.


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